Courses offered
Arts Faculuty - Subject offered

F.Y.B.A. S.Y.B.A. T.Y.B.A.
Compulsory English Compulsory English Compulsory English
Economics Special Economics 1 & 2 OR Special Economics 3& 4 OR
Political Science Speical Political Science 1&2 OR Special Political Science 3&4 OR
History Special History 1&2 Special History 3 & 4 Note : same  Special Subject as choose in the
Geography Any three of the following for general  course - Economics, Political Science,  History Note : One  General paper will  be same as the special subject .  Remaining  two sujects can be chosen. Any three of the following for the  general course – Economics, Political  Science, History.Note : Same general  subjects as chosen in S.Y.B.A.
Marathi Environment Awareness
Commerce Faculuty - Subjects Offered

F.Y.B.Com S.Y.B.Com T.Y.B.Com
Financial Accounting Corporate Accounting Advanced Accounting
Business Economics (Micro) Business Communication Auditing & Taxation
Functional English Principles & Functions of Management Business Regulatory Framework
Mathematics & Statistics OR  Computer conceps &  programmeing Elements of Company law Indian and Global Economics  Development
Optional group I (any  one)Banking & Finance  Commercial Geography Business Economics (Macro) Special Paper II & III – ( any one)
 1. Cost &Works accounting ( paper II &  III)
  2. Markeing Management ( Paper II &  III)
Optional Group II ( any one)  Marketing & Salesmanship  Essential of E-Commerce Special paper - I (any one)
 1. Cost & Works Accounting
 2. Marketing Management
 3. Banking & Finance
3.Banking & Finance ( paper II &III)
Optional Language ( any  one ) Marathi Hindi
Science Faculty - Subejcts offered

F.Y.B.Sc S.Y.B.Sc T.Y.B.Sc
Group - A Group - B Group - A Group - B Group - A Group - B
Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry Chemistry Any one subject can  be chosen as special  subject
 2. Physics
One subject as  special subject
 1. Microbiology
Physics Physics Physics Physics    
Mathematics Microbiology Mathematics Microbiology    
Electronics Botany Electronics Botany    
    Optional( Any  One) Marathi Hindi Optional(Any& One)Marathi  Hindi    

Features of College
  • Expert and qualified staff
  • Well equipped computer laboratory
  • Well equipped library
  • Tradition of excellent results